Sweden automotive history timeline:

http://douglasat201.org/?wordfence_lh=1 1891 – 1892 The first Swedish automobile, a steam car built by the brothers Jöns and Anders Cederholm.
go to site 1897 AMB [AB Motorfabriken i Göteborg], is launched as an engine manufacturer based in Gothenburg, Sweden.
see 1899 AMB begins car manufacturing. It also has a sub-division in France where it imports Brasier cars.
1903 AMB introduces its first vehicle in which the engine of the German Fafnir is used.
buy paxil cr 1906 Due to lack of capital, AMB is only able to build ten vehicles therefore ceases to trade.
1911 AB Scania-Vabis is established as a car manufacturer after the merger between Vabis and Scania. They produced a number of automobiles but after the First World War in 1919 they decided to focus solely on manufacturing trucks.
1927 The first Volvo car (names Jakob) leaves the Gothenburg factory.
1938 The Saab aircraft factory is built in Trollhattan.
1945 Saab decides to diversify and start manufacturing cars.
1949 Saab produces its first motor car, the Saab 92 and stays in production until 1956.
1964 Volvo opens a new production plant in Torslanda.
1978 Saab and Fiat agree to cooperate and develop a car, the Saab 9000, which is launched in 1984 at the Kolmbden Game Park on 24 May.
1987 Esther is launched as a car manufacturer to primarily build copies of the Lotus 7.
1989 General Motors (GM) announces its intention to acquire 50% of Saab’s car operation.
1994 Koenigsegg Automotive AB is launched by Christian von Koenigsegg to be a manufacturer of high-performance sports cars “supercars”. They are based in Ängelholm, Skåne County, Sweden.
1996 Leif Tufvesson launched the company Caresto, located in Ängelholm, to restore classic cars as well as to design and build Hot Rods. Caresto work for other companies on special projects, the creation of prototype parts and concept high performance vehicles.
1997 Josse car is launched in Arvika. They build a sports car, the Indigo 3000, a two-set open-top roadster with a Volvo 3-lire engine. The cease to trade in 1998.
1999 Volvo is acquired by the Ford Motor Company.
2000 GM buys the rest of Saab for $125m.
2002 Koenigsegg delivers its first street-legal supercar.
2009 Saab goes into Chapter 11 administration.
2010 Ford Motor Company sells Volvo to Chinese company Zhejiang Gealy holding Group for £1.2bn.