Mahymobiles Musée de l’Auto

Belgium – 49 miles (78km) southwest of Brussels

Musée de l’Auto MAHYMOBILES
Rue Erna 3
7900 Leuze-en-Hainaut

WEB: Musée de l’Auto MAHYMOBILES
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TEL: +32 (0) 69/35 45 45

This is a car museum.

April, May, June and September : Thursdays and Saturdays 13:00 -17:00
Sundays and public holidays 10:00 – 17:00
July and August: from Thursday until Monday included 10:00 – 17:00

Check website for national holiday closures.

The Mahy Collection consists of cars from around the world. The dates covered include: veteran (up to the end of First World War), vintage (1919 – 1030) post vintage (1930s up to the end of World War Two) and classic cars The museum hosts movie stars’ vehicles, trucks, buses, chassis, miniatures, pedal cars, bicycles, bikes, steam machines, carriages… basically everything relating to road transport since 1895 is on show at Mahymobiles. Over 300 vehicles are on display. Each has a fascinating story or a special place in motoring history and everything exudes passion.

Check the website for a full list of automobiles on display.

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Ghislain Mahy was fascinated by technology from an early age. He restored very rare and sometimes unique models. Ordinary series production vehicles he kept back for later on. He was convinced that one day they would be worth restoring and that sending them to the scrap merchant was a mortal sin. For him every wreck had potential. And he put his money where his mouth was because during the course of his life he personally restored dozens of cars helped by his son Ivan and a few friends. This is how he built up an impressive collection of vehicles from all horizons, old and not so old, powered by steam or by the internal combustion engine.

For Ghislain and his son Hans and Yvan, the collection had always been a hobby, far from any commercial concern. Each year, five cars passed under restoration since it was physically impossible to do more.

But finding a pre-1900 Belgian vehicle was an almost religious experience for him! This is why the collection contains a lot of Belgian makes like Minerva, Germain, FN, Imperia, Fondu, Vivinus, Nagant, Belga-Rise and Miesse.

Most of the cars on show in Autoworld come from the Mahy Collection revered by connoisseurs everywhere as it is one of the biggest in the world comprising around 1000 vehicles.

Photographs can be taken for non-commercial purposes. There is an historical archive which can be searched by a volunteer archivist for a small donation.

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