Albion Motor Museum

Scotland – 30 miles south west of Edinburgh Albion Motor Museum
19 North Back Road
Lanarkshire ML12 6EJ

This is not a car museum and is currently closed but hopes to reopen as a transport heritage museum which will also house the Albion car, truck and bus archives.

In 2017 closed to the public for refurbishment. The museum hopes to re-open in 2018.

The refurbishment now has stopped as a local businessman acquired a new building in Symington, 3.5 miles from Biggar.

The above website covers the Biggar Albion Foundation as well as the Albion Vehicle Preservation Trust.

Albion Archive
The Albion Archive, managed by the Biggar Albion Foundation, is located in the same building as the Albion Museum Biggar. The Albion Archive contains almost all the records that came from the Albion works at Scotstoun in Glasgow when they shut down in 1988. They have microfilms containing details of all the vehicles produced by Albion, photos, glass slides, Service Manuals, Spares Lists, memorabilia and artefacts.

The Archive was re-located in 2017 but it will be some time before they can re-organise the materials, so currently they are unable to accommodate visitors.

The museum, run by volunteers, was originally opened to the public in 1993.

History of Albion
Established in 1899 as the Albion Motor Company Ltd. but was renamed Albion Motors in 1930. Albions were renowned for their slogan “Sure as the Sunrise” reflected in their radiator badge. Their first car was produced in 1900 but they went on to become a truck and bus manufacturer.

The company was taken over by Leyland Motors in 1951 and merely became a badge for their smaller lines. Leyland dropped the Albion name when the company name was changed to Leyland (Glasgow) in 1980.

A management buy-out in 1993 brought Albion Automotive as it was thenceforth known back into Scottish ownership. A new owner, the American Axle & Manufacturing Company (AAM) of Detroit, Michigan, took over Albion in 1998 manufacturing axles, driveline systems, chassis systems, crankshafts and chassis components.

Commemorative Plaque
On Sunday 12th April 2015, members of the Albion Club and the Albion Foundation attended a presentation at the Glasgow Training group (GTG) premises of Arnold Clark on South Street, Glasgow. This was the site of the Albion Motor Car Company works from 1903 until 1987. The Albion Club Chairman, Maurice White in conjunction with Robert Fulton, grandson of Norman Fulton, co-founder of the Albion Motor Car Company, joined GTG Chairman Glen Gall to unveil a plaque to commemorate the location of the Albion works on the site.

Parking is available on nearby streets.

Read The Albion Magazine no. 110 (October 2017) for an article about the new Transport Heritage Museum.