Alaska automotive history timeline: 1905 Robert E. “Bobby” Sheldon builds a two-seater runabout in Skagway.
see 1906 He brings in a fleet of Ford Model Ts to create a transportation business.
buy Lyrica tablets 1908 A Pope-Toledo arrives in Fairbanks, a 50-hp car that was shipped in August 1908 via the Yukon and Tanana Rivers. David Lahti was the owner and he used it to haul people between mining camps and Fairbanks.
1913 Bobby Sheldon becomes the first to drive a car down the Richardson trail from Fairbanks to Valdez, covering the 370 miles in 59 hours of actual driving time.
1913 James and Lilly Martin are the first to fly a powered airplane in Alaska (Fairbanks).

It was another 10 years or so before aviation really took hold in Alaska. Once the airplane was well established it became the most important form of transportation due to the extreme and rugged terrain.