Indiana automotive history timeline:

Indiana has been host to over 150 car manufacturers, most of these in the early part of the 20th century. 1894 Elwood Haynes and brothers Elmer and Edgar Apperson build one of the first cars in the U.S. It is tested in Kokomo (Howard County) for a mile and a half at a top speed of 7 miles per hours.
order Lyrica online 1896 Haynes-Apperson Company is established in Kokomo, and is Indiana’s first automobile manufacturer. The cars are called Brass Era automobiles. 1901 The Studebaker Company produces its first car
1902 The Apperson car company is established.
1905 The Haynes-Apperson Company is re-named as the Haynes Automobile Company.
1909 The Indianapolis Race Track is built in Speedway.
1924 Competition from Detroit forces the the Haynes-Apperson Company into bankruptcy.
1963 Studebaker stops manufacturing in Indiana.
1987 Subaru is established as a major car manufacturer based in Lafayette.
1996 Toyota builds a manufacturing facility in Gibson County.